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Fascinated by technology, art and visual communication, Fred has been at the forefront of 3-D printing technology and additive manufacturing for the past decade. He is lauded for his innovative and agile approach to building sales channels as well as his ability to strategically listen, match materials to applications, and apply design thinking to complex problems. He has been called a consummate “Shark Meets Pokemon: Extra nice on the nice side and extra Ninja-shark, never forgetting the bottom line.” Award-winning photographer and documentarian... Read More...

Fred’s 3D printing technological expertise includes in-depth understanding of the following technologies:

  • Full-Color 3D Printing

  • 3D Printer Sales & Marketing

  • 3D Printer Sales Channel Development  

  • InkJet 3D Printing

  • Material Application

  • Stereolithography

  • Fused deposition modeling

  • Carbon fiber composite 3D printing

  • Injection molding

  • Investment casting


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