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Fascinated by technology, art and visual communication, Fred has been at the forefront of 3-D printing technology and additive manufacturing for the past decade. He is lauded for his innovative and agile approach to building sales channels as well as his ability to strategically listen, match materials to applications, and apply design thinking to complex problems. He has been called a consummate “Shark Meets Pokemon: Extra nice on the nice side and extra Ninja-shark, never forgetting the bottom line.”

Fred has also written numerous articles for 3D Printer Magazine and serviced a wide range of industries, from aerospace, medical, and automotive to marine biology research, education, and consumer goods. His multidisciplinary background includes many years as an award-winning commercial/advertising photographer, documentary filmmaker, and TV production manager.

Fred’s 3D printing technological expertise includes an in-depth understanding of the following technologies:

  • Full-Color 3D Printing

  • InkJet 3D Printing

  • Stereolithography

  • Fused deposition modeling

  • Carbon fiber composite 3D printing

  • Injection molding

  • Investment casting


A native Angeleno, Fred is a fast and insatiable learner who’s often spotted with camera in hand.



“Kaplan’s photos feel like an urban Ansel Adams.”  - Daniel Will-Harris, designer MoMA, Guggenheim, Tate Modern


“Fred brought a disciplined intensity as well as an innovative and agile approach. He has shown himself to a creative thinker who has found success in lead generation, customer relations and as a closer of sales. Fred is was a valuable asset to the team. --Gary Fudge, Enterprise Sales Specialist, 3D Printing at HP


“Fred has been strategic in our success.” --David Broderick, Advanced World Products

“Fred’s 3D printing knowledge was helpful in all aspects of growing our business but particularly useful in closing sales.” --David Haimes, Chief Operations Officer, Blazar Communications


“Fred's involvement was an integral part of our success in selling this 3DP product line. Fred would be an asset to any firm looking for a sales professional focused on results.” --Bill Boland, Solutions Consultant - Additive Manufacturing Saratech, Inc.


“Fred's level of commitment has led to an impressive level of trust and loyalty with his customers. His expertise in the industry and creative problem-solving abilities enabled him to put together unique solutions, resulting in increased sales and satisfied customers. --Sarah Segrest, Business Development Manager at The Douglas Stewart Company


“Fred was selling enough 3D printers to keep my team busy.” --Joe Bortolotti, 3D Printing Competency Engineer at Hewlett Packard Inc.


“Time or distance never stopped him. In fact, Fred came through in an emergency to meet us at midnight to help us meet a critical deadline.” --Adam Wade, Vice President Design at LDA

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